The oldest documents that we know mentioning the Seigniory of Naviry are in the archive files of the town Valenciennes(FR) and date from the beginning of XVIIe century.
They are notarial acts concerning the family GODIN originating in Valenciennes(FR) and carrying the title of Lords of Naviry.

About 1700 the good becomes the property of Jacques CHAUVAUX, baron de Rochefort, lord of Naviry, born in Auvergne (France) and deceased in Ath. He had acquired the good by marrying Cathérine of BLERY. The father-in-law of Jacques CHAVAUX himself had acquired the farm from the family GODIN, his own parents-in-law. As the family CHAUVAUX settled thereafter in Ath, one finds there for the after period 1700, several documents, for the major part acts of lease.

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